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Dennou keisatsu cybercops

Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series. First created in by Toho Enterprises, the show was an attempt to create a Tokusatsu series . Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop (電脳警察サイバーコップ Dennō Keisatsu Saibākoppu , Computer Police Cybercops) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series. First created. With Tomonori Yoshida, Mika Chiba, Shogo Shiotani, Tom Saeba.

Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop (Japan Drama); 電脳警察サイバーコップ; Computer Police Cybercop;; In the year , crime has overrun Tokyo city, Japan. Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop (lit. Electro-Brain Police Cybercop) is a Toku series produced by Toho in , which chronicles the missions of the Zero-Section.