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Habbo retro themes

Hello, I'm releasing my old hotels theme. RevCMS Habbo Theme Edit Me ( with radio); Account Settings; Hotel Statistics; Community. Hey Ragezone, I was looking through my old files and stuff, then i found this theme which hasn't been used in a while, it's a normal habbo. Download on this website RevCms Indexen, Layouts, Habbo icons, Habbo badges, Habbo tuts, Hotel hotel View,,Habbo tutorials, Habbo Furni, Customs, Furni.

Great ideas for themes in Costume "Cozzie" Change game in online virtual reality game “Habbo Hotel.”. This is basically a thread to list good themes in Cozzie Change, whether they're themes you've made up, you've seen before, etc.. Almost every CC I go to has. Habbo hotel. A giant orange building where there are many rooms with many many 'themes'. You are a 'habbo'. a badly animated pixel bloke/lass who has a p .

Hi, Retro trends have always been something of a beauty. It comes as no surprise that they are resurfacing, and making ripples again in the. Retro Portfolio is a one-page theme, featuring groovy colors and typography. The theme is widget-ready, includes an AJAX contact form and.